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Rajko Kozmelj, director

Rajko Kozmelj, b. 1 January 1969, holds a Master’s degree in international, comparative, and European national studies. He is a lawyer and expert in criminal justice and security. He took part in the war for Slovenia. Since his first employment in the Criminal Police Directorate in 1989, he fulfilled various tasks and duties in preventing and countering organized crime and terrorism in the Republic of Slovenia for over two decades.

During his work for the European Commission in Brussels, he developed EU policies and prepared legislative acts proposals on internal security, police cooperation, and oversight of Europol’s work. At the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Slovenia to the EU in Brussels, he was advisor on organized crime and terrorism countering terrorism policies, and acted as coordinator of justice and home affairs advisors.

In the framework of the EU Council working bodies, Mr Kozmelj developed the EU‑supported Western Balkan Counter-Terrorism initiative (WBCTi) integrating over fifty EU, UN, and Council of Europe institutions and agencies, as well as other international partners and regional mechanisms. He was appointed as the WBCTi chair.

Working at the EU Council and in close cooperation with the European Commission financing the process, he developed the concept of Integrative Internal Security Governance (IISG) in the Western Balkans, integrating all the relevant international partners and regional mechanisms engaged in the Western Balkans internal security. He was elected as head of the IISG by the Interior Ministers of the Western Balkan countries, the high EU and UN representatives, and other involved international partners.

He coordinated the selection and implementation of the internal security priorities in the Western Balkans with the assistance of the IISG Support Group hosted by the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF), where he was employed until recently.

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia appointed Mr Kozmelj Director of the Slovenian Intelligence and Security Agency, effective as of 28 September 2018.